Hot Milk For Breakfast


(Picture by Zok Pavlovic; a royal PITA, talented photographer and loyal friend)

This is my first post in what will hopefully be an interesting, educational and admittedly weird look into my experiences living and working in Afghanistan for the last three years.  The name of the blog is “Hot Milk For Breakfast” which came from an earlier attempt at sharing my experiences.  The phrase refers to the Nepalese security contractors I worked with in Afghanistan, and their tolerance for nearly anything, as long as you had plenty of hot milk with sugar and cardamom in it, for their breakfast meal.  I look forward to telling my story, and trust me, it’s not what you think.


About hotmilkforbreakfast

I am a researcher, a writer, a former soldier, an academic and a lifelong learner. All text and pictures are copyrighted and are not to be used without express permission of the author.
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2 Responses to Hot Milk For Breakfast

  1. Luke Heikkila says:

    groovy, you’ve got a fan here. I’m a television producer and went to Afghanistan in April of 2012. Many of my ramblings deal with what it is like to embed with the Military. Looking forward to more.

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