Roast Corn


In Afghanistan, there is nothing better than roadside made roast corn.
While you can get field corn, steamed in a big cauldron, and rubbed with a three day old lemon and coated with a spicy powdered mixture, (as an Iowa boy, I just cannot lower myself to eating boiled field corn) nothing beats the pan roasted corn that Afghans make.
It’s really an ingenious rig for the budding entrepreneur. All you need is a wooden afghan cart, a large metal can with holes cut in the sides to contain the fire, a wok and a sickle. And the sickle is usually worn to the point where it can no longer be sharpened so it has little value in its intended role.


Oh yeah. You also need a bunch of salt, assorted spices and some green field corn.
You get the fire going, fill the wok 1/4 full of salt, and throw in a few ears of corn, and stir it with the sickle, which is coincidentally curved to the same arc as the wok, to keep the corn from burning. the salt/spice mix infuses the corn with flavor as you stir and roast the corn. Once the kernels of corn are dried out, slightly blackened, and start to burst, you remove it from the salt and serve it.


Most vendors keep partially roasted ears laying about in order to shorten preparation time.  That way, when you order your corn, it just takes a minute to have it hot and ready to eat.  I have to admit to stopping at these roadside stands whenever I can.  


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