I like to see these fellow midwesterners active in Afghanistan. There appears to be a natural affinity between Afghan and upper midwest culture.

Bridging War and Hope

Last week I posed a question to readers of this blog.  That question was, what would you like to see in the next clip I roll out?  Just under half of those responding to the poll question voted for ‘village scenes’.  Below is a 2-minute clip from Halal Chineh.  Halal Chineh, I’ve also seen it referred to as Helal Chineh, is a mountainous village a few kilometers from Shah Joy.

In the clip CPT Patrick Foley explains the purpose of this joint-mission (ADT and PRT) was to accompany a representative from USAID to the village and to gather information about a potential water retention project USAID may head up.

Before we arrived in the village we drove along some healthy-looking fields and groves.  I’ll give you one guess as to why the fields in Halal Chineh looked better than the rest.  As in the other villages I went to with…

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