Sounds of Afghanistan

Sounds of Afghanistan

My friend, Zok, took this video from the grounds of Taj Beg Palace (Also known as “The Queen’s Palace” south of Kabul. This palace was built in the 1920s by German engineers by King Amanullah, and was the family residence for only a few years before he was deposed. In this palace, Queen Sorayah started the first Afghan women’s suffrage movement, and removed her veil in public, which was filmed. The film of Queen Sorayah removing her veil circulated world wide, and when it was seen in rural Afghanistan, started a Taliban-esque revolt, which ended in Amanullah being chased from the country. You’ll note that the surrounding area is peaceful and well-developed. When we first arrived in 2009, the walls were typical mud and straw and now they are baked brick.


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