Luke is finally wrapping up his Bridging War and Hope. I cannot wait to see it.

Bridging War and Hope

The creative elements of Bridging War & Hope were wrapped up a few weeks ago.  The day after I finished it I started a two-week vacation.  I’m still on that vacation, but wanted to get this post out there.  Today, the documentary will be closed-captioned, ingested and cued up in tpt’s broadcast server well in advance of its October 21st air date.


On the final day of creative work I found myself sitting behind an engineer.  This happens a lot during the post-production schedule.  I should be used to this, but for this program it hit home.  Unlike other projects with this one I totally immersed myself in the topic.  Planning, tickets, traveling, embedding, body armor, interviews, editing, refining, watching, re-watching, sweetening, captioning…it’s done.  Wow, now what?

BTW, if you want to check out the planning process this blog is all-inclusive.  Dating back to the day the show…

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