The Hunter – Gatherer

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Sleep Late Tomorrow!

Since the first Paleolithic representation of a Bison in Altamira, to the high-resolution images in National Geographic magazines, capturing events has continued to fascinate our species. Man has always had the impulse to catalogue his experiences and way of life. To this day, 32,000 years after the first cave art was created, having come so far in communication, science, society and religion, the one thing that remains unchanged is the need to define our existence. Spanning all manner of philosophies, from the Bible to the Bhagavat Gita, writing has been a way of recording thoughts and experiences. But more importantly, they impart stories of human will and extraordinary vision.

As we evolve, and a fortunate population no longer finds the need to hunt and survive, I find, to my immense surprise, that we are still the natural hunters-gatherers we used to be. Only now, as we move up Maslow’s hierarchy…

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