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For those of you who still come here, and check out this blog, you have probably figured out that I am no longer in Afghanistan.  I stopped putting original material in, because blogging about something that happened in the past started feeling like “telling stories”.  And story telling makes real things, especially those real things that are unusual and weird, seem phony; like they happened to someone else, who feels the need to boast and magnify.


But recent events have caused me to reconsider.  Several friends have approached me, asking me to keep blogging, even if the stories happened in the past.  Some of them want me to keep writing about the things that happened in Afghanistan, whether they are current or not.


It was then that I had an epiphany: For some of the people with me, they consider what we did together to be the high point of their lives.  They (and by inference, me) were doing something incredibly weird and special.


So, with your approval, I would like to spend the next few months telling stories; hopefully stories that are interesting, and engage the imagination.  As western military forces appear to be ready to withdraw and possibly disengage from Afghanistan, I hope I can remind folks that there is still a large portion of Afghanistan that is peaceful, beautiful and worthy of attention.



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I am a researcher, a writer, a former soldier, an academic and a lifelong learner. All text and pictures are copyrighted and are not to be used without express permission of the author.
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19 Responses to Return to Blogging

  1. CJ Vali says:

    During my second tour in Iraq, I decided I would try this blogging thing out, but with the crazy schedule of a deployed infantryman, I never found the time. My third tour I decided to try journalling, with the same result. Cut to three years later and I can’t think of a damn thing I’d be able to write about with detail. So, as long as you’ve still got those memories, have at it!

    • I do know it gets hazy, fast. But by keeping in touch with others who were there with me. (And, coincidentally do not think they are good enough to write) I get to hear these stories again and again, usually accompanied by the request to write a blog entry about “that one time the ANP officer told us we had huge balls for coming out there by ourselves.” or somesuch.

      • CJ Vali says:

        I’m sure that helps a lot. Unfortunately, I lost touch with all but four of my former soldiers, especially when I dropped Facebook, and we tend to talk about other things. We’ve all kind of put it out of our minds except for the one who is still active. We do have some pretty hilarious non-combat-related stories that come up, but I’m not sure they’re very postable.

  2. purpleln2 says:

    I miss the beard…

  3. Juliette says:

    Please DO keep telling stories! And keep that Mustang!

  4. Marian says:

    Your stories are an education. Love your mustang.

  5. Mark Guy says:

    Picture 1: next time you go for ice cream, call me, I’m buying.

    Picture 4: next time you suck on a hookah pipe, don’t call me.

  6. Ashana M says:

    I’m glad, because I think there were things you did not tell us when they were happening. And now we’ll still get to hear about them.

  7. danbohmer says:

    I look forward to your stories

  8. kunstkitchen says:

    Do write about your experiences in Afghanistan please? First hand accounts and other perspectives on the country are appreciated.

  9. Tom says:

    Stories: tell them. Tell them here, and speak to service, civic, church, school, and every group you get the opportunity to share first hand accounts of Afghanistan.

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