Magic Carpet Ride

Since I’m preparing for a new Land Cruiser adventure, I thought I’d reblog this one.



While rereading my latest blog entry, I realized that I had not given enough contextual details to help translate what we do in Afghanistan.  The single most important common piece to all of our trips is our car.  And Part 2 of the two part blog entry I am writing depends upon specific details about this car.


Our “Magic Carpet” is a 2008 Toyota Type 76 Land Cruiser.  It typifies, in many ways, the completely backwards and messed up way the West has approached efforts in Afghanistan.  Because of little details like our sponsors gave us the car, and in fact, we are forced to use this car or they withdraw all elements of sponsorship, such as a place to live, food and permission to actively work in Afghanistan.


Normally, a Type 76 Land Cruiser is an excellent car for getting around in rough terrain and undeveloped countries, as it…

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