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A pony for Christmas

If you want to grow up to truly loathe Christmas, there are two things that need to happen.  First, you need to be born on Christmas Day.  This pretty much guarantees that the number of Birthday parties you will ever … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Transportation in Afghanistan

The wonderful photos in this piece are from Zok Pavlovic and are to be used only expressly with his permission. One of my constant challenges, when interacting with Westerners about Afghanistan, has been the ever-present challenge of transportation.  In the … Continue reading

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The Girls of Skateistan

Despite the tragedy of this summer, where several Skateistan students were killed by a Suicide Bomber, described here: https://hotmilkforbreakfast.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/we-are-diminished/ the good people at Skateistan are still pushing forward, doing great things in educating Afghan Girls and giving hope.

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The End of Chicken Street

Myself and Friend Nawab standing at the entrance to Chicken Street As I’ve stated in earlier posts, Afghanistan was once famous as a passage from East to West for trading empires.  And Kabul, while an ancient city, was not really … Continue reading

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A Dying Donkey in Aq Tash

Map Courtesy of WikiPedia The fortress at the entrance to the village of Aq Tash Sometimes, surreal is the norm, not the exception. Our team was visiting Aq Tash Village in Khanabad District, Kunduz Province a while back.  As we … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Shopping!!!

Afghanistan actually owes its existence, as a national entity, on trade.  It lies astride the famous “Silk Road” that ran from China to Europe, ending at the stone bridge, or “steinbrucke” in modern-day Regensburg, Germany.  Odd fun fact: our family … Continue reading

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A Story of Three Thanksgivings

For the first time in four years, I am enjoying Thanksgiving at my home in America, with my family. Words cannot express how wonderful and strange this feels.  During this time, I cannot help but to go back and remember … Continue reading

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