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29 Tips for Bad Writing on Afghanistan

Originally posted on Ghosts of Alexander:
When writing about Afghanistan – whether an op-ed, a simple newspaper article, a long form magazine article or an analytical report- there are some simple things to keep in mind in order to keep…

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Thirsty for Knowledge: Student Protest in Kabul

Originally posted on Ali Karimi:
Female students too taking part in protests and hunger strike Hunger strike under the sun. About 70 students in hunger strike. After the today rain in Kabul, students are coverd under a plastic. A large…

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The Hunter – Gatherer

Originally posted on Sleep Late Tomorrow!:
Wounded Bison – Altamira, Spain Since the first Paleolithic representation of a Bison in Altamira, to the high-resolution images in National Geographic magazines, capturing events has continued to fascinate our species. Man has always…

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